Dr Hanihaselah Binti Mohd. Saleh Klinik Kesihatan Kulai Besar

Dr Hanihaselah Binti Mohd. Saleh
A compassionate, competence and people-focused Family Medicine Specialist, I would like to join a team of healthcare professional dedicated to improve patient care through the implementation of best practices and data driven solution for personalized treatment and clinical management. Experienced healthcare professional with a strong background in diabetes management and prevention. Certified Diabetes Educator with a proven track record of designing and implementing effective diabetes programs. Skilled in patient education, data analysis, and program evaluation. My academic achievements, voluntary involvements in primary care activities and self-directed learning through seminars, conferences and workshops are indicative of my commitment in all aspects of healthcare. With almost 25 years of experience as Family Medicine specialist in the primary health clinic, I endeavor to practice proactively, in preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative in a hollistic care approach. By supporting the efforts of health services provided by other health personnel, I accelerate the delivery of exceptional care and support practice growth.

9 June 2023

Time Session
Diabetic Wound Management
Dr Wong Ping Foo Chairperson
Summit 1